“We now have unshakable conviction that accident causes are man-made and that a manmade problem can be solved by men and women.” ~W.H. Cameron



WitzShared spotlights issues in the warehouse and manufacturing industry such as workplace safety, operations, productivity, continuous improvement and leadership.  I can help you become a better prepared supervisor by offering you a point of view with 25+ years of warehouse/operations experience through this blog to spark new ideas, ways of thinking and growth in you.


    Stay Hydrated during those hot days      Safety Tail Gate Topic:  Not drinking enough water when temperatures and humidity are high along with strenuous physical activity can cause issues in your warehouse.  When working vigorously, employees should drink at least 8oz. of water every hour and taking breaks in a cool place to help avoid heat exhaustion.  Placing a water cooler in a strategic location for the staff will encourage them to keep drinking water and stay productive and it would be a good practice to encourage the use of water containers that can be closed to avoid spills on the dock floor.

The symptoms of heat exhaustion are heavy sweating, faintness, cool moist skin, dizziness, fatigue, weak rapid pulse, muscle cramps, nausea and headache.  If you find a fellow employee exhibiting these symptoms move them immediately to a cooler and/or shaded location.  Notify a supervisor or send another employee to alert management, since you don’t want to leave the ill person alone.  Give them cool water or a sports drink if available.  Does your company have an emergency response team or procedures to cover someone in stress?  This would be a great topic to cover in your teams next safety meeting as well.



The Secret Killer In Your Warehouse An must read article for every one who works in a warehouse whether Manager, Supervisor or employee.  The life you save could be your own.






COMPANIES BEHAVING BADLY  is a regular bi-monthly feature that brings to you the latest on OSHA updates, violations and the companies that put employees at risk. Read the latest issue of Companies Behaving Badly – FALLING DOWN.   Please don’t hesitate to share these stories at your next safety tailgate/toolbox meeting.  It is my hope, that one day I will run out of Companies Behaving Badly to write about but unfortunately there appears to be enough of them at the present time. 





The story on Aunt Ida’s Recipes for Disaster.   So I had been busy with a new client implementing a 5S program on site when… o.k., the truth is I was cleaning and organizing the garage for my longest and dearest client, my wife, who thought the experience would help my writers block.  My attention soon became focused on a stack of boxes that contained many different artifacts, kindergarden child art and tax records of 1996 vintage when I happened upon an old beat up wooden box that was full of sheets of notepaper that had yellowed with age and covered with faded hand writing and food stains.  What I found was astounding since I thought Aunt Ida’s recipes for disaster where long lost.   You’ll find each recipe to be elegantly crafted so that anyone can properly execute it like a legend.  Our current featured recipe is LOTO GROUND TAR TAR.  Please feel free to share with your fellow co-workers and sign up for email delivery of each new recipe.  Bon Appétit.


WitzShared is the Blog of WarehouseFlow Advisors.  

OUR MISSION:  Through a common sense approach to warehouse safety and operations identify opportunities to reduce risk and increase productivity to achieve maximized results no matter the square footage.  



The #3 leading killer of men – ACCIDENTS!  We have the cure!  Workplace safety, training, PPE.  When is the last time you did a safety review? Contact us now.

Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I’ll understand – Chinese Proverb

We provide a full line of  services to help you maintain a safe workplace and identify opportunities for improvement.


Phil’s story – Born and raised in the Bronx only a few blocks away from Yankee Stadium, I grew up watching the pursuit of excellence first hand by an organization that has won 27 World Series Championships.  I have worked in and managed warehouses of all types from vaults storing memory chips to operating over 700,000 square feet of coolers, freezers and dry racking.   Along this journey of over 25 years I have also performed every warehouse job function and have extensive experience in warehouse layout, slotting, cross docking, inventory control, safety, employee retention and value added services all of which make your operation stand out.  Recently completed my Six Sigma Green Belt certificate from Villanova University in 2010.  I can help you get the flow back into your warehouse.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”Aristotle 

HAVE YOU?  Does your company have a active safety committee?  If it does, do you participate?  Why not.  Poll your fellow workers to see if there are issues not being addressed and present them to the committee with suggested solutions.  Safety is just as much your part as it is the company’s.  If you don’t have a safety committee start one!  Speak to your H.R. department and manager to get one going.  Need help starting a safety committee?  Contact me   

Our clients favorite – THE FLOWTHROUGH REVIEW.  We help you identify opportunities to reduce risk of injury and develop an accident prevention program through hazard analysis and education.  Review practices and procedures to improve productivity and eliminate waste to maximize overall efficiency in your operation.  

We tailor training programs to meet your staff’s needs whether basic or refresher, from forklift certification,  housekeeping and sanitation, GMP, HACCP, and AIB/ASI audits.

Common sense is instinct. Enough of it is genius. – GB Shaw

We speak your language and can articulate in several methodologies of continuous improvement:  Six Sigma, Lean, Deming, Kaizen, Gemba and SWOT.  However our preferred method is Phil’sosophy which is a north american version of common sense.

You can find us on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn,  and Twitter or Call now or click on the Contact us icon.


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