Companies Behaving Badly – Thanksgivukkah

By the time the middle of November hits, you know the year is winding down and the festive times are about to begin. The tree has been selected and trucked down to Rockefeller Center in Manhattan and is being prepared for it’s debut. People are beginning to stress over seating arrangements and menus as family gatherings are planned and courses assigned.  We also have an added bonus at this year’s Thanksgiving table as we get to have potato latkes on the side with our turkey and gravy while Santa’s naughty and nice lists get longer and longer.  However, the one list that unfortunately continues to get longer and longer is the list of Companies behaving badly.  So tighten the laces on your ice skates, fill your glass with eggnog and get a seat by the fire,  for this is another episode of Companies Behaving Badly.

OSHA Cites Trucking Company for Willful Confined Space ViolationPREVENTABLE – Sherman Brothers Trucking Inc., doing business as Team Transport Inc. in Arkansas apparently doesn’t like to waste time, when it comes to training temporary workers before sending them inside confined spaces as they clean the inside of tanker trailers.  Their total lack of regard for human life has cost them $113,400 in proposed fines.  That is still not enough for loss of a human life and don’t understand why the supervisor or owner that sent him in isn’t on trial.  Remember, there are strict rules for working in a confined space.  Learn them and follow them.

OSHA cites West Hartford Plant for Violations – PREVENTABLE – Har-Conn company was hit with 15 violations after an inspection, that was prompted by employee complaints.  Do you think they complained because they were being exposed to various chemical and mechanical hazards without given proper eye and face protection, no emergency eyewash stations, lack of adequate guarding and hazardous chemicals not labeled OR because six of the 15 were repeat violations from a 2010 inspection?  Training, again was more trouble than it was worth as no one was shown how to use a fire extinguisher.


OSHA cites Malden bakery for worker’s deathPREVENTABLE – It was a beautiful August day when Yogambigai Pasupathipillai went to work at Piantedosi Baking Company Inc.  The 61 year old probably didn’t believe it was also going to be her last day on earth as her apron became caught in a conveyor belt and it slowly strangling her while she struggled to find a emergency stop button for the belt. The problem though was insufficient stop buttons and failure by the company to ensure the emergency stop button was the proper color – RED, not to mention the inadequate guarding that all could have saved Yogaambigai’s life.  For this they were fined $20,790 which probably could have paid for the safety upgrades.

Alabama Pallet Manufacturer Cited, with $76,000 in Fines – PREVENTABLE  – Southeast Florida Products, Inc., operating as Southwest Pallet & Box was hit with a total of 10 violations, seven of them repeat and three serious.  OSHA originally conducted the inspection as part of a program with emphasizes on noise reduction when Bingo!  They found in addition to the lack of a hearing monitoring program and failure to conduct audiometric testing which are some of the repeat violations but employees were also exposed to electrical shock, burn and amputation hazards. Yes, the company was warned before about this, knew it was supposed to be fixed and chose to ignore it.

Video: Reversing lorry crushes plumber in warehouse loading bay – but incredibly escapes with just bruises – PREVENTABLE This video is amazing to watch!  This guy is incredibly lucky and should have been crushed to death.  No matter where and what you’re working on, you want to be able to concentrate on the task at hand so before you work, think LOTO.  What do I need to lock out or block and tag an area so I can do this safely?  Cone off or block a loading bay with pallets so you can’t be hit from behind.  If need be, have someone stand there watching your back like a spotter for confined space work.  Don’t ever assume everyone is watching out to see you there, make sure they do.


Canadian employers hit with record setting occupational health and safety finesNEWS – Our neighbors to the north have gotten on the safety wagon and taken the lead by greatly strengthened the occupational health & safety laws along with handing out much larger monetary fines.  Applaud you Canada.

OSHA Plans To Make Workplace Safety Reports Public – NEWS  This is great news and why not?  Quite a few cities do something like this when they publish the list of “Johns” caught in round ups or stings.  Restaurants use a letter system to display in their windows letting you know how clean they are so why not know about how a company treats it’s worker in the area of safety.  It speaks volumes of their character.

OSHA wants companies to electronically file workplace injuries – NEWS – OSHA took a big step towards our paperless society as they prepare to release plans to electronically file workplace injuries.  Let’s hope it’s not developed by the same people who brought us the CMS Healthcare website.

Safety Eyewear Challenges Traditional Designs – PPE INFO – If you want people to wear something, let them decide what they want.  These safety glasses are a little stylish but as long as they do the job you want and are reasonable priced let the employees get them.  You want them to wear their PPE, don’t be a stick in the mud.


That my friends, brings yet another episode to a close.  Thank you for stopping by and please feel free to use the lessons of these stories for you next safety meeting or tailgate or toolbox meetings.  Keep the discussion on safety going and don’t let anyone ever talk you into taking shortcuts when it comes to safety just to save a few minutes.  It’s quite possible the life you save by doing it correctly could very well be your own.  Don’t keep quiet when you see a safety hazard and don’t assume the next person will report it.  Be an active participant on the company safety committee and convert as many disciples as possible to the practice of safety.  There is only ONE you, protect yourself and take responsibility for safety.

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