Getting Together In The Morning, Helps Keep It Together.

I enjoy the squawk point and James Lawther’s well written, plain english to the point articles.  They make you think!  (

I wanted to point out this particular article because the content is worth your time and even though it seems so simplistic an idea, it’s the reality and it’s critical to any team’s success. Especially on the warehouse floor a little communication at the beginning of the shift sets the tone for the day while it gets everyone off on the right foot with a sense of purpose.   Call it what ever you want: a morning huddle, fire side chat, standing meeting, or a tailgate, those five to ten minutes spent at the beginning of the shift are a valuable tool for you to keep the staff informed, current and involved.

As with everything else in being a leader, be consistent by having a huddle every morning and the topics are endless.  Great moment to remind them about drinking enough water and stay hydrated on a hot day.  Give pats on the back to the team for working in an unexpected truck delivery so fast yesterday. Review a safety issue that’s been in the news or that you’ve observed.  Letting them know a bank auditor will be visiting or heads from corporate will be touring through, posting of a new position in the company,  as well as, what training sessions will be available or about new customers coming on board.

This is not a time for negative feedback but good positive items to get them charged for the coming busy day.  BE on the floor, communicate and lead.