Safety Knows No Season


I know, it’s the last days of summer and the nights are still warm but the days are getting shorter, so who wants to start thinking about Winter?  This is a great time to prepare and make sure your staff will be properly equipped when the weather begins to turn ugly, especially since before you know it there’ll be snow in them mountains and will your drivers be able to get over the pass?  As a manager developing checklists to help you track what needs to be done and when is extremely helpful especially when you fine tune it to your specific situation.  When things slow down it’s a great time to inspect, repair and/or replace equipment in time so your company can still compete while the others may not be as prepared for that first patch of inclement weather.  Nothing will send the sales department up a wall more than having a delivery vehicle trapped on the summit by the first snow fall because the trucks don’t have their chain sets and emergency gear.

Does your company supply weather gear for the staff?  Great time to post a reminder to check and make sure they’re in one piece and ready for another season.                                                        Some other items to check:

  • Dock hoods, make sure they haven’t been damaged and will repel water.
  • Dock doors, do they need new stripping and keep rain out?
  • All drains.  Yard drains free and clear of debris.  Don’t forget to check the drains or gutters on the roof.  Weill they channel off the water?
  • Are the squeegees still on the dock where they’re suppose to be.  You need something to remove excess rain water from the dock.
  • Do you have a spill kit?  Booms to keep water contained and absorbent materials to help remove it.
  • Floor is wet signs or cones or make your own slow down signage.  You know when it’s raining outside your dock floor becomes slick and you want the forklift drivers to slow down and be aware.

So these are a few of the items I look for.  In your current situation what other items would you add to your checklist to make sure you’re ready for the seasonal change?  Wishing you all a safe season.


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