A Warehouse Bed Time Tale

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net 

A long, long time ago, in a Kingdom far away, all indications by nature and wise-persons had pointed out to the good King, that it was going to be a long, hard and barren winter.  The very smart and handsom King realized immediately that he would need a great warehouse to store everything the Kingdom would need to survive the long winter.  It would need to be a warehouse capable of storing a wide range of items from dried grains to foods to wood for fires.  So he put forth a proclamation to the far reaches of the Kingdom requesting for Artisans and Craftspeople to design and upon approval, build the biggest, best, and most efficient warehouse the likes of which, have never been seen before in all the land.

As word spread, the good King was soon visited by many fellows from far away lands and people who had very strange names.  There was Six Sigma, and Lean with their numbers so square and bell curves so pretty, no one would dare!  There was Kaizen and Shingo so exotic sounding in their ways, with Haiku like rules, so pretty to display.  They were soon followed by lettermen; FIFO, JIT, BI and CRM.  A jumble to be reckoned with for sure, but did they spell?  The noise only grew louder and louder as they chanted, “Pick Me, Pick me!”

Just as time to build the warehouse was running out and the King began to fret his people would starve,  he had a dream.  The King dreamt of a great wizard who approached and uttered these words,  sensus communis, sensus communis.   The King awoke in a cold sweat.  Of course, the answer has always been there, right in front of me.  The ancient books have the answers.  So good King Jamkins went down to the vault, and pulled the great volumes to build and operate a great Quality Warehouse.

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net
LAYOUT, Personnel Planning, Inventory control, stock location management, Safety, Operations -rec-orderpik-ship, maintenance, pest control, sanitation, storage and future supply chain galore.  Sensus communis is just the order.  So the Kingdom was saved and made it through the winter, but due to a large part from the collaboration with WarehouseFlow Consulting.  May all your warehouse dreams come true.

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