More Companies Behaving Badly


Who knew I would be able to collect examples of Companies behaving badly so fast!  That is very disturbing for me and NOT a good thing.  (Click on each story headline to go to the original and full article.)   A safe workplace is a productive workplace and it is up to everyone to be a safety advocate while on the job.

OSHA alleges safety violations at Jefferson millPREVENTABLE – Federal workplace safety regulators have proposed fining a Jefferson sawmill nearly $80,000 for what they allege are dangerous work conditions.  Violations were also found back in 2009.

Reddy Ice Corporation to pay penalty and improve accident prevention and preparedness at Denver facilityPREVENTABLE -The EPA today announced a Clean Air Act settlement in which the Reddy Ice Corporation (Reddy Ice), based in Dallas, Texas, has agreed to pay a $61,500 penalty and correct deficiencies associated with the risk management program at its facility in Denver, Colo.

OSHA cites Community Power Corp. in Morrison, Colo., for exposing workers to amputation hazards; fines total $66,990 PREVENTABLE – I find it amazing that they didn’t think addressing the amputation hazards were critical to deal with.  It shouldn’t have to take an accident to examine if there are any hazards associated with the job.


Hawaii resort cited with 14 safety and health violations, US Department of Labor’s OSHA proposes $48,000 in fines PREVENTABLE – So sad to think that even in paradise one must still be aware of safety hazards.  Employees should never be exposed to hazards in that manner.  Fix the issues, it is so much cheaper in the long run.

Forklift accident highlights Importance Of Warehouse Safety. – PREVENTABLE – Employee was killed when he was run over by a forklift.  The operator of the forklift was working with this employee when he lost track of him and decided rather get off and look or call out, he decided just to drive.  Pay attention when you’re on the loading dock.

Quebec workplace safety board investigates F1 death. – PENDINGThe person who was a volunteer, tripped and fell and was run over by the wheel of the telehandler that was taking the race car back to the paddock.  Sounds like no one did a safety analysis.  Just because no one gets hurt the first few times you still need to look at scenarios  to prevent accidents.

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“If history repeats itself, and the unexpected always happens, how incapable must Man be of learning from experience.” – George Bernard Shaw

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