Companies Behaving Badly-August


The dog days of summer are upon us and the days are beginning to grow shorter, but one thing that is  not getting shorter, the list of companies behaving badly!  You and every employee deserves to go home the same way you reported to work, in one piece.  There is NO reason to place yourself in unnecessary danger.  Make sure to take advantage of all proper safety equipment and never let anyone tell you it’ll only take a minute don’t waste time with the equipment.  With that said, please make sure your seats are in the upright position, snack trays closed and seat belts buckled cause it’s time for take off!

OSHA fines Echo Lake Foods with 27 safety violationsPREVENTABLE –  The company totally disregarded OSHA’s standards to train employees on ammonia hazards and safety procedures.  How do you let employees work in a facility that cost millions to build but would only take 5 seconds for an employee to destroy along with themselves due to lack of training to properly operate equipment?  How much did that save in operating costs?


Duane Reade fined $71k by OSHA for fire safety hazards at lower Manhattan storePREVENTABLE – I guess this company didn’t learn anything from the past, (The Dhaka clothing factory fire-117 dead or the Triangle garment factory fire-146 dead) and is doomed to repeat it.  They were cited for having had emergency exits, sprinkler heads and electrical panels blocked or obstructed.  Nothing like being trapped at work to give you a warm and cozy feeling.  If you find an emergency exit blocked, remove the obstruction yourself and report it to a supervisor.  You don’t need permission to remove obstacles from a path to safety so don’t wait, just do it.

OSHA fines Quality Industries, claims Hartwell plant violations PREVENTABLENothing shows you couldn’t care less faster than exposing employees to fall hazards, caught-in hazards and fire/explosive hazards due to fiberglass dust not being cleaned from work areas.  Accumulated dust in a small area is dangerous not just creating respiratory problems but can also cause severe explosions.   Never take it lightly.  I do find it very ironic that Quality is part of their name.


Ford dinged by OSHA for asbestos at Buffalo plant PREVENTABLE – Even though the Ford plant knew there was asbestos on site, employees were still exposed to it as areas in which asbestos was present were not properly restricted, and levels of asbestos in the air were not monitored.  You know just because you deny something exists doesn’t make it any less real.  Hiding the truth from employees who work their butts off for you is just despicable.

OSHA fines Resolute, subcontractor for fatal York County accident PREVENTABLE – Working in a confined space is extremely dangerous and should only be done by employees that are properly trained and understand how to operate the proper safety equipment needed.  If that means certifying  Training consistently throughout the year provides you with a team of veterans when you need them.  Don’t skimp on training.

Wal-Mart Workers Launch Surprise Strike Over Safety Issues – It is a shame when large corporations profit off people in third world countries by letting them languish in disgusting working conditions so their corporate heads can get large bonuses but it speaks volumes of a corporations character when they also take advantage of people looking for work in the U.S. during tough economic times and conveniently  look the other way while employees are forced to work in unsafe conditions.  I applaud those who work at the risk of their jobs to make safety a priority at the workplace.

However – There is light at the end of the tunnel!  Read below.


OSHA Recognizes Cintas Distribution Center in Scranton, PA with Highest Safety DesignationWINNER Three cheers for Cintas Scranton, Pa. facility for doing it the right way and making it a safe as well as productive place to work.

Oklahoma City Phillips 66 terminal receives safety recognitionWINNER – Another large company shows how to lead the industry by example.  Phillips 66 also believes good safety is worth the money.

Well people, that’s it for this edition of companies behaving badly.  Though I wish otherwise I’m sure I’ll be back on the 15th of the month with yet more stories to share.  Be a safety advocate at work, home and in the car and be kind to others.


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