Idiocracy Rules at U.S.P.S. 94589


It is now day 63 (not counting sundays and holiday) that the Mitchell Court dozen have not had mail delivery.  In a previous post, USPS Killer Customer Service- Is Killing the message I told about how our community cluster mail box was vandalized and how I went through the system offered by the USPS for consumers with problems and how not unlike the USPS is ineffective and a waste of money as the problem has still not be fixed.

This should be alarming to all of you as one of the suggestions put forth by the USPS to save money is to eliminate door to door delivery and set up cluster boxes for everyone.  Good idea to put in place, but what good is an idea that has no contingency plan that leaves customers without service for over 2 months? This is a glaring example of the lack of leadership/management at the USPS.  A great opportunity to put their best foot forward and show the community they care by resolving an issue and they take the need to know basis for their attitude.  Imagine all these cluster boxes left damaged across the country and the caos that would come with no mail delivery.  So I use my car more often than I want, paying for more gas then I would use so I can make the 7 mile round trip and wait on line to pick up my mail.  The only thing that would make this more surrealistic would to see a checker board set up by the pot bellied stove.


I also wrote my congressman, the honorable Mike Thompson back in June.  It took only one and a half months to hear back from his office from a spunky aide who asked, “Is it fixed yet?”  I guess all the business they’re handling in Washington has made this a very low priority for Mike.  He too could have been a hero to us his constituents but then why would I expect any more from him than the USPS.

But then it dawned on me maybe this idiocracy is only at 94589 and has not spread across the country and there is hope to contain and correct it here.  So please, write me in the comments section below with your USPS customer service horror stories.

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