Quality begins at Receiving.

The start of a New Year is always a good time to review your operation along with your procedures and policies. A good place to start is the gateway to your warehouse, the dock. Hope this previous published article helps get your year off to a good start.


I’ve said it before in a previous blog, and I’ll say it again folks, the receiving dock is the gateway to your warehouse.  So isn’t that where quality should begin as well?   Goods damaged in the warehouse can cost you about $25,000 a year or more for a medium sized operation, and according to Food Market Institute the grocery industry sustains nearly $20 billion annually in damaged merchandise.  You can begin plugging this leaking of cash at the point of receiving and begin quality control at the dock.

Establish a receiving inspection program.  Put your program’s procedures in writing, create an easy to use checklist for the receivers to record each delivery and then train and train a little more.  Begin by inspecting the loads being delivered while they’re still on the trailer.   What is the condition of the loads?  Has the LTL stacked a pallet of bowling…

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