Just Putting It Out There – Survival Chest Project

At 3:20 a.m. I was shaken out of a sound sleep as my bed suddenly became a wild carnival ride. Being less than 10 miles from the quake center lamps were knocked off end tables, pictures fell. The only loss was a vase and 4 beer bottles from my bottle collection. I’m very lucky. In light of mother natures event I thought it appropriate to reblog this one on emergency preparedness and even though written for the workplace it can also just as easily be done in any home. A cool family project.


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Here is a great team building exercise whether your are In the process of forming a safety committee or have one already established.  Preparation for a disaster.  It sounds worse than it really is but the truth is
earthquakes and tornadoes don’t wait until you get home to strike.  Chances are one may occur while you’re at work.  Be prepared and have the team assemble a survival chest. Start by working together on creating a list of items to include in the chest.  What would you include? Flashlights? Batteries? Water?  If you work in California I’d add a wrench to turn off the gas.  Those suggestions should help get you started.  Determine how many days and the number of people you want the survival chest to support, then make sure to keep an inventory of what’s in the chest and what items if any are perishable that have…

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