A Complete Guide To Warehouse Safety-Volume III-House Keeping

It’s natural. Your facility begins to get very busy, employees are putting in more hours and with the best of intentions they begin to cut some corners. Suddenly the facility doesn’t look so neat and tidy and the risk of trips and falls has increased. Prevent that nightmare, it’s always a good time to re-examine the basics so let’s continue down the Green Brick Road of Safety.



Since we began our journey down the Geen Brick Road of Safety, we have met Hazard Analysis in volume I and learned how to identify safety hazards.  Then further down the road we were introduced to PPE, in volume II which showed us what equipment is available to protect employees.  Both of these  are heavy hitters in the world of workplace safety, but can we still further protect our employees from injury?  Yes, of course we can and it’s up ahead around the bend.  Let me Introduce to you, Housekeeping.  Granted, it’s not a very glamorous sounding name as it brings up images of maids and hotels who are sweeping, mopping and dusting, but actually that is a part of Housekeeping.


Trips and falls is the number ONE accident that occurs in the workplace and good housekeeping can severely reduce those numbers.  Housekeeping is a…

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