A Complete Guide To Warehouse Safety-Volume IV-Emergency Ready

It’s an unfortunate fact but accidents will happen and emergencies will occur. When they do happen, the best plan is to have a plan that everyone knows to execute. Everyone should know what to do and what to expect. It’s always a good time to go over the basics. Enjoy your Thanksgiving Day !


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Well here we are folks, more than half way down the Green Brick Road of Safety.  It’s been an enlightening trip for me as well and I want to thank you all for the positive responses and great comments on this series on warehouse safety.  As I’m sure you remember, we had previously been introduced to Hazard Analysis, PPE and Housekeeping – The big three segments of workplace safety.  So, after all this is there still more ways to protect your employees?   Yes there is and it’s called Emergency Preparedness.

You’ve gone through all this effort to protect your employees on a daily basis so make sure that in the event of a sudden catastrophe you can move them out of harms way by the most expeditious manner  possible and having an emergency preparedness / evacuation plan is the way to ensure this.

Whether you call them disasters, calamities…

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