Are You Lazy or Just Stupid?

What kind of driver are you?  How about your employees?  You know, the ones out there driving with your companies name and logo plastered right on the side.  It seems that courtesy on the road like a lot of other manners and courtesies have died but you do want your drivers being professionals on the road.  I’ve been traveling the 680 corridor a lot lately to visit my daughter, son-in-law and new grandson and have been making lots of observations of you drivers out there.  True to Pareto’s principle, 20% of the drivers account for 80% of the bad driving out there.  So are you dying to find out where you fit in. Take the quiz.   Remember, this test was to made to make you think, and while those who really need too, won’t read this.  When you are driving in a car you can’t tune out the world but must always be aware of your surroundings and what’s going on.  When you are traveling at 60 miles per hour you are traveling at 88 feet per minute in a one ton box of steel and plastic and in the blink of an eye a car could cut you off or suddenly stop and if you survive the crash itself you still could die from the shrapnel of your airbag.  Driving distracted and without caution, you not only are rude to your fellow commuters on the road but are putting other people’s lives in danger due to your selfishness.


1 – A – When you’re waiting longer then you think you should have to for the red light to turn green do you begin to slowly inch forward, even entering into the crosswalk, believing your motion will cause the light change.  B – Wait patently and no movement.

2 – A – Do you begin to change lanes before even one blink of the turn signal has occurred and expect the driver in the other lane to know and react to what you’re doing?      B – You don’t bother to signal a lane change at all. It’s a useless appendage like the appendix  C – Signal lane change, look in mirror to see if it’s clear and make the lane change.

3 – A – Do you not bother to use the turn signal on turns so the car waiting to make a turn doesn’t think you’re going straight and has to wait only to find out you turn anyway.  B – You always signal for all turns, it’s just easier to do it that way.

4 – A – Do you drive at 40 mph in the left (fast) lane when the posted speed limit is 65 mph because you think you have a God given right too.  B -You drive at 40 mph in a 65 mph zone because you’re too busy reading text messages or having a conversation on your cell phone.  C – You travel at least the speed limit or little less or a little more.

5 – A – Do you bother to stop or just blast through the right on red light and put your trust into the fact that the oncoming traffic will stop in time.  B – Come to a complete stop at the red light.  Signal right turn, observe for obstacles and go.


6 – A – Do you go past a stop sign about a quarter car length before actually coming to a stop?   B – Rolling stop?   C – Full stop at stop sign?

7 – A – Do you use a exit only lane to keep moving ahead, waiting until the last possible moment to squeeze over into the through traffic lane only to block those behind you who are really trying to exit?   B – You stay in the through lanes and don’t spend time finding ways to get around using the saved energy to concentrate on your driving.

8 – A – Do you believe there is a direct correlation between the closer you get to the car in front of you and the faster it’ll go?   B – Always maintain a safe distance between the car in front of you.

9 – A – Do you believe the double white line is there for decorative purposes only?  B – Understand that the double white line is not to be crossed unless directed by law enforcement.

10 – A – Do you stop with any part or all of your vehicle sitting in the pedestrian crosswalk?   B – Do you slowly move your vehicle towards the path of a pedestrian as they cross in the cross walk and hope this will speed them up?   C – Stop outside the cross walk and don’t move until pedestrian has passed.


Do you drive distracted?

a-Yes.Use my cell phone but I’m very important so it’s o.k.

b-Sometimes. The natural light in the car makes putting on make-up easier.

c-Never. Pay full attention the whole time driving.

ANSWERS:  Correct = 0 points  Rude = 2 points  Lazy = 3 points  Stupid = 5 points
  1.  A – Stupid  B – Correct.  It is stupid because there are time when a pedestrian may make a last minute dash in the crosswalk or a vehicle in cross traffic tried to beat the yellow light.  With you inching up is like revving the engine and ready to peel out you’re only concentrating on the light change and not your surroundings and that may cause an accident.
  2. A – Rude   B – Stupid   C – Correct   It is just plain rude to make a lane change without letting people in that lane know what’s coming.  When you barely signal and change lanes why do you assume the person in that lane will respond in amble time.  Are they distracted, slow reflexes, didn’t see your signal light.  It is just plain stupid to make lane changes without any signalling at all.  You are just looking for an accident.
  3. A – Lazy & Rude   B – Correct   You should always signal all turns.  It’s just a good habit to get into and will become an automatic reflex.
  4. A – Lazy & Rude     B – Stupid   C – Correct   Driving way below the posted speed limit in the left lane is rude and lazy.  You’re too lazy to get out of the lane since for some reason you think you own it and then slow all of traffic down.  That’s right, your rudeness just slows down all the traffic and can cause an accident.  Stay out of the lane if you’re not going to go a the speed of the flow.  However if you’re are one of those idiots who tries to read their text or engage in a conversation on their cell phone and slow down way below the speed limit because you’re DISTRACTED!  You are stupid and will cause an accident and unfortunately it’s not the moron that always gets hurt.
  5. A – Stupid   B – Correct  Blowing through that right on red can cause on coming traffic to stop suddenly and create a chain reaction accident because of your stupidity.  Worse, you may not see someone approaching in the crossing lane.  What’s your rush anyway?
  6. A – Lazy   B – Stupid   C – Correct   You’re a lazy driver and can’t be bothered to stop at the stop sign.  That’s a bad habit to get into.  To roll through a stop sign is stupid because your mind is in GO mode and you don’t take the time to check to see what’s coming before hitting that gas.
  7. A – Stupid, Lazy and Rude   B – Correct   You may actually believe that the little “shortcuts” you take on the road save you time to get up 1 or 2 cars but at the expense of others who have to wait getting off their exit because you are blocking them as you try to inch your way into the next lane.  You think you’re a genius getting around but to those folks you’re a rude jerk.  Perspective is everything.
  8. A – Stupid   B – Correct   You know what you’re doing when you tailgate and try to intimidate the driver in front on you because they’re not going fast enough for you.  It’s stupid.  Most folks won’t be intimidated and will only slow down and flash their break lights to back off.  If they stop suddenly for any reason, you’ve now created an accident.
  9. A – Stupid   B – Correct   There is a reason a double white line is used and why you are not allowed to cross it.  It’s to keep traffic moving in that lane and when an idiot goes back and forth over the double line you are creating a hazard especially since people don’t expect you to come into the lane.
  10. A & B – Stupid   C – Correct   Why go looking for trouble.  Stay out of the cross walk, it’s for pedestrians and they have more rights on the road than you.  Stop the car and let people cross, they don’t need you stalking them.

BONUS Question Answers –  A – Stupid (25pts)  B – Stupid (25pts)  C – Correct (-25pts)

Your totals and what they say:                                                                            Negative 25 – 0 Points – You are a very good driver.   1 – 15 – You are a rude driver.  Work on your skills of forgiveness.   16 – 25 – You are a lazy driver. Try picking a lane and going the speed limit.   26 – 74 – You are stupid behind the wheel.  Are you sure you have a D.L.?   75-120 – Crazy – Well somehow you maxed out on points and not only are you a rude and dangerous driver but a individual that demonstrates NO respect for other people and only care about yourself.  You should seek professional help.



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