Just Putting It Out There – People Are Assets

Train, empower and believe in your staff and the world will be your oyster.


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When the opportunity came up for me to visit a foreign land I jumped on it right away.  Taking a trip overseas is so cool since it gives you the chance to bore and torture family members and friends by posting pictures all over facebook of your daily travels along with cute short anecdotes on interactions with the locals!  The best reason though, it was a fantastic opportunity to meet new people in a different setting, who have a different culture and use a different language.  When our trip in Spain finally came to an end what struck me the most was that there is really no difference between us and them.  Except for language, they are people just like us, with the same hopes, dreams, and desires.  They are cab drivers hustling for fares, wait staff hovering and taking meal orders, teachers leading classes, people riding buses, cars and mopeds to and from work…

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