Aunt Ida’s Recipes for Disaster – 4


Thank you for stopping by and checking out the latest recipe from our Chef de Catastrophe Aunt Ida which was exclusively developed in our test kitchen and now available to your business.

OUR FEATURED RECIPE – Construction pancakes.  – I can think of no better way to start ones day than with a full fluffy stack of these.  Quick and easy to prepare, especially when you develop the skill to constantly justify and make excuses for not wearing fall protection gear.

Prep Time – Just about none, however, if you decide to put on your harness and use fall protection gear and inspect that the lifelines are properly anchored there will be a delay.  Otherwise, climb to your desired height and fall.  

Cook TimeTimes vary depending on the height of the fall, as thanks to gravity all objects fall at the same speed no matter the size of the mass and also affected by the number of trips, slips or falls that occur at the worksite but you should always keep an eye on it when preparing this dish or at least listen for the “splat” sound.

Yield – This also varies depending on how many idiots you can get on a space, working more than six feet off the ground without the use of fall protection gear but since FALLS is the number 1 violation, you are guaranteed at least 1 fall off a building, flattening that person like a pancake and killing them instantly if they’re lucky, so they don’t have to experience the pain of crushed bones or impalement.  

As stated, FALLS remain the number one cause of death or injury and have been for quite a while now as well as the number one cited violation given to employers.  In this day and age of communication and news, everyone should be aware that when you are working over 6 feet off the ground you are to be supplied with some form of fall protection,  whether it’s railings, scaffolding with railings, or fall protection PPE.  You can refuse to work under those conditions.  You did not train to be an acrobat in the circus or were hired to be one, so why would you want to work like one without a safety net?  You can make an anonymous complaint.  Call the OSHA HOTLINE 1-800-321-OSHA (6742).




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