RBMB – Foolish Safety


They say the road to hell is paved with good intensions and this photo pretty much sums up that sentiment.  Safety was the mall-master’s good intension here as they try to protect pedestrians coming and going into the front entrance of a busy department store.  However, it doesn’t work on so many levels and that’s what Really Burns My Butt . While I waited for my wife to return with coffee and breakfast from a Starbucks, I was on car sitting duty since it was loaded with suitcases, dirty laundry, left over booze and food for our weekend retreat, so I watched this intersection for inspiration and entertainment.  In the 20 minutes I watched, NOT one car stopped at this poor wallflower of a stop sign.  Not one.  When people were crossing they would stop for them, but not at the stop sign which makes it more of an adornment then a warning sign.



Why does it fail on so many levels?  Just because you plopped down a stop sign don’t start patting yourself on the back for a job well done.  It is not the end of your problem since all you’ve accomplished is to have given pedestrians a false sense of security.  The Stop sign needs a little back up to make it effective in doing its job.  A-There is no yellow stripping on the ground to indicate a crosswalk. That would help greatly to highlight it to an oncoming driver.






Yes they did a nice job painting the curb yellow – B but that doesn’t really help at all.  What also doesn’t help is the large red ball, right next to the high red stop sign which draws the drivers eye away from the stop sign.







Placing a speed bump or two, C – will make sure cars do slow down when approaching the stop sign.  One more speed bump  in the crosswalk area would also help keep traffic to a lower speed.








Lastly, the stop sign itself D – is just to high up off the ground to really be seen by on coming drivers.  There is also no other signage at all.  No slow, speed limit or pedestrian crossing signs at all.    



Overall it’s apparent that the mall operator is doing things on the cheap.  If they were seriously concerned about safety, this would be a totally different picture.  When ever you’re in a mall, strip mall or parking garage always be aware of your surroundings and don’t take anything for granted.  Safety is just as much in your control as theirs.  







2 thoughts on “RBMB – Foolish Safety

  1. It’s like the mall operators don’t believe that anyone will stop at the stop sign. Did the same person put that giant red ball there? Sheesh. Seems like an accident waiting to happen. I’ve seen flashing lights at ground level when someone’s in the crosswalk lately, signalling drivers yet another way that they need to stop. There are so many distractions, especially in malls, that operators need to use every trick at their disposal if they’re serious about safety.

    Carol Stephen


  2. Hi Phil,

    I can’t believe the many different ways there are to fail here at this one stop sign. It seems like the person putting up the stop sign doesn’t know anything about the person who put that giant red ball there! And the guy who was supposed to paint the lines? Apparently it was his day off!

    Around my area (maybe around yours, too), they’ve started to install flashing lights at ground level when someone’s in the crosswalk. There are too many things competing for our attention in a mall to not use every possible way to get cars to stop.

    Thanks for an informative and entertaining article.

    Carol Stephen


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