Stupid Human Tricks

I love taking walks around my community. The flora is green and full of beautiful blooms making the air sweet with fragrances while watching the wild turkeys strutting with and showing off their new family members, deers feeding on vegetation, and hummingbirds buzzing feeder to feeder interchanging with the occasional smiling face of a neighbor. But I am still amazed when in this day and age I see employees committing some of the most moronic moves.

A worker, alone, opening a manhole cover midway downhill with no cones or other markings except his orange shirt. Would the insurance company be happy?

I wonder, did they not receive any safety training? Did their boss tell them to ignore their training and just do it quickly? Did the employee decide to take the shortcut on his own to get done quickly since they think their bosses don’t care? Is it their ego, nothing will happen to me, it hasn’t yet? Is it a combination of all these things? Why would you expose yourself to danger with the possibility of a lifetime of surgeries and rehabilitation, or worse, forever dead from inadvertent suicide just to save a few minutes? Is this fair to the driver coming down the hill who suddenly finds this living traffic cone in his way? By the way, people naturally come fast down this way with a blind turn at the top.

I’m not going to tell you how to work, like everything else in life it comes down to what you’re willing to risk but do you honestly think for one minute that if IT happened, and you were injured, the company wouldn’t throw you under the bus for violating company safety rules? Dead is forever, why would you want to spend any more time dead?

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