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“One’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.”  – Oliver Wendell Holmes


We advise new and current businesses of all sizes and types that have concerns or questions about compliance and keeping employees and customers safe. We cover workplace safety, regulatory compliance including OSHA and fire regulations, fire safety, emergency response and preparation, facility maintenance and sanitation, and training.

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I’m concerned that not enough of us are prepared and ready.  There have been quite a few natural disasters all over the country in the last year. Hurricanes, floods, fires, earthquakes, tornadoes not to mention the Man-made disasters or near disasters like Oroville Dam in California.

Large cities like NYC have fabulous central commands staffed with well-trained people directing other well trained, dedicated folks, ready and able to respond to any emergency.  Smaller cities do not have that luxury and even with the heroic efforts of first responders, emergency services can be quickly overwhelmed.
In my town with a population of 121,300 living within 49.5 sq. miles, on any given shift there are only 21 firefighters on duty. That’s 21 to safely handle house fires, car crashes, grass fires, and other emergencies.  Throw in an earthquake and now you have 21 firefighters resorting to triage to handle the hundreds of calls that will pour into 911. They can’t count on immediate backup from the other shifts due to the poor conditions of the roads and bridges as many of them live out of town. Mutual aid will not arrive as they’ll be too busy with their own town’s emergencies.


That’s why you need to put an emergency kit together. Make it a family project with each member pitching in. This is also not just for the home but your place of work or your business should also have an emergency kit that everyone knows about. Earthquakes have no clock.  Stock it well and keep an eye on expiration dates.                                                           

DON’T MISS READING – A Surefire way to improve your chances of survival –Emergency Kit








COMPANIES BEHAVING BADLY  is our regular monthly feature, that is published on the 1st. Thursday of each month, and brings to you the latest on citations issued to companies violating compliance regulations, proposed fines and how they could have been prevented so don’t put employees at risk.  We look at safety award winners, new safety gadgets and more!  Companies Behaving Badly – Fear and Ignorance.  Please don’t hesitate to share these stories at your next safety tailgate/toolbox meeting.  It is my hope, that one day I will run out of Companies Behaving Badly to write about but unfortunately that appears to be no worry at present.     <— Sign up now and never miss an issue.



Join us as we take a journey on the Green Brick Road of Safety along with machine operator Dorothy and discover that there is no great secret when it come to workplace safety and you are just as much a part of the solution.  Learn how to identify hazards and the proper ways to correct them in The Complete Guide to Warehouse Safety Part 4 This series is great for the beginner or someone thinking about entering the field of manufacturing and warehousing and for you seasoned veterans, it’s always good to look at different ideas and points of view.




There is a reason this is our most read article. A warehouse manager’s worst nightmare and you should know about it.  

The Secret Killer In Your Warehouse – A must read article for everyone who works in a warehouse whether Manager, Supervisor or employee.  The life you save could be your own.





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Advising new and current businesses of all types on workplace safety, compliance and related regulatory statutes. Hazard analysis review, drafting company policy and procedure and hazard recognition training. Feel free to contact us for pricing and availability at philmendelowitz@warehouseflow.com







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