Just Putting It Out There – The Gap


Of late there has been a lot of talk and articles written about the pending talent “gap” allegedly out there in the manufacturing sector of the United States.  The ironic part here is that all the offshoring that went on for years helped create that gap with massive layoffs of skilled workers and closures that became common to the landscape of our great nation.  Now with the new re-shoring efforts and initiatives that have become vogue, companies say they can’t find the talent to fill those positions currently and for the future.

I’m not a politician and I don’t even play one on television but it occurred to me that with this pending gap in combination with the unemployment rate as it is why can’t we give tax breaks to companies that hire someone who’s been unemployed for more than 6 months?  Another point, there are also quite a few of those unemployed who are over 50 and have dropped off the charts all together as well as run out of benefits.  As aged and over the hill as they may be they still have a wealth of talent and knowledge to offer and would make excellent mentors to help bridge that “gap” as they help train the new generation, working together to improve the industry and retention of workers including the very important untapped female segment.  Let’s get people back to work building a great future for everyone.

What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “Just Putting It Out There – The Gap

  1. I couldn’t adree with you more. Instead of giving incentives to banks and political supporters, let’s re-invest in the people of the US. As you memntioned there are a great deal of skilled laborers who lost their jobs to off-shoring, especially in the tool and die industry. Why isn’t our government pushing incentives out to privant industry to bring back those individual (50+) who can teach and mentor the younger work force. Let’s start with the high school level. We used to have a Trade School in Addison, IL. which taught young men and women skills in electrical, carpentry, home building (actually built homes on sight and sold and shipped them to home sights), culinary skills, janitorial, etc. This is what we should be investing in and putting out advertisement blitzs around the country. These are well paying jobs as well.

    As usual, you are right on!


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