Famous Dangerous Duos of Safety

         Famous Duos

Famous Duos

Some things just naturally go very well together and in fact working together they actually compliment each other and enhances their abilities whether flavor, fighting ability or comedy.  Peanut butter and jelly, steak and potatoes, Batman and Robin, Ying and Yang, Ricky and Lucy, Anthony and Cleopatra  However when it comes to safety either in the workplace or at home, there are pairings that never should be together as the result can be quiet dangerous if not killer.


Water & Electricity.  Exposed wires around sinks, showers, battery rooms and other areas where water is present can cause electrocution and death.  Water is a very good conductor of electricity and makes for a great pathway to you.  Shut those circuits off until you can have the problem corrected and that should have done been yesterday.



Fumes & Sparks.  What makes this so dangerous is you never see the fumes in the air from the chemicals and solvents you may be using.  But they are there and the warmer the day the faster they go from liquid to gas.  If you are working with these items in a confined area that has poor ventilation those gases are building and looking for a source of ignition.  One spark is all that is needed to set it off and land you on the obituary page.  Make sure where ever you are working it is well ventilated and there are NO sources of ignition and that includes forklifts not specifically made to be in a spark less environment.


Dust & Sparks.  The same goes for dust.  Yes dust.  It is highly explosive if the levels of dust build in an area and again it only needs one little spark to go boom!  Dust from sugar, grains and building materials can destroy a building if ignited.  Make sure your dust collectors are on and working properly, all dust socks in place and for pete’s sake, make sure someone is emptying the collector bins on a regular basis, there’s is no excuse not to as full bins only hamper the dust collectors from working properly.

These are just a few of the Dangerous Duos out there.  How many can you find and name in your part of the world?  Reply below.



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