Aunt Ida’s Recipes for Disaster – 5

Welcome back for this months recipe from our Chef de Catastrophe, Aunt Ida. Created and extensively tested in our test kitchen and available for your business.
AUGUST FEATURED RECIPE – LOTO Alphabet Stew.  – This is comfort food at it’s best.  Hot, rich, spicy and filling as well as cheap to make when you refuse to stop production by using LOTO to make machine repairs or adjustments safely.
Prep Time – Times may vary and are directly correlated to the distance between the machine and location of the source of power.  If not using LOTO then the greater the distance the lower the prep time.
Cook Time – times vary depending on contraption used.
production/manufacturing equipment – 30 minutes or less when not using LOTO.  You are not faster than the machine.
high speed conveyor belt – 15 minutes without LOTO.  You did hear me say, high speed.  It just takes as little as the cord dangling from your sweatshirt.
exposed gears/rollers/chains/augers – 20 minutes without LOTO.  Those gears don’t know any better.  They’ll grab anything, from a long sleeve, to apron string to hair on your head.
movingpartshaircaught YIELD – What you get out of this recipe directly depends on the seriousness of resulting injury from not using LOTO.  Because you tried to be a “nice guy”, a “team player” you wanted to avoid shutting down the line by not doing LOTO, this time.  Now, ironically the production line IS down anyway because they have to clean out your body parts from the machine parts.  You know, the limbs, those arms, fingers, toes that are along with you pulled into or amputated and separated from you by a machine still operating.  Expect the body parts to keep piling up, makings for a great stew missing only 3 different letters, (4 total) – L O T O.  Perfect side dishes to accompany this is life of regret and good intensions.
Lock Out Tag Out is one of the easiest violations to avoid by just simply locking out your machines power source and tagging it so everyone knows who’s working on the machine and can’t accidentally turn the power back on.  Yet, LOTO violations have been rising to the top over the last few years.  In FY 2012 it was #9 on the OSHA’s top ten violations list and moved into the #8 spot during FY 2013 and now it sits in the #5  spot.  This should not be the trend but people are pushed to produce and if sacrificing safety helps to obtain those goals, oh well.  No matter what you’re dealing with, if it has moving parts and you need to make adjustments, repairs or clear jams and you have to reach in or place part of your body in there, ALWAYS do a proper LOTO.  Don’t let anyone bully you to by-pass this important safety procedure.  

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