The TopTen OSHA Violations Before Christmas. On the Second Day



Santa received a notice of violation( 1910.212) Machine Guarding. This is #9 on OSHA’s TopTen violations for 2019.

After solving the PPE issue yesterday, let’s take a look at machine guarding.  As we mentioned yesterday, machinery is extraordinary and can be challenging yet quite rewarding to operate and maintain.  Some professional operators have such a strong bond with their machine they can tell just by the sound if it’s running at its best.

Most machines are constructed to operate with many moving parts.  Gears, belts, chains, and cables move at high speed so the machine can do what it needs to do to produce that end product for your customers.

While watching the elves at work above, it’s obvious that they are exposed to moving mechanical parts. When you are trying to concentrate on keeping a machine operating and have to move around the machine you shouldn’t have to worry about getting caught in the moving parts and losing a limb or your life.

  1. Gears, belts, and other moving parts should have machine guarding which is a cover for the moving parts so you don’t come into contact with them.
  2. Some machines have auto shutoffs, so if the guard is removed the machine will not operate.  Never tamper with or disable an emergency shutoff on a machine.
  3. You do not have to operate a machine without proper guarding or be forced to disable any emergency shutoff.
  4. Even if they tell you the guard is in the shop being repaired or will be here soon, do not operate that piece of equipment.

Once we have the saw blade, belts, and other moving parts fitted for guards we will have another violation licked and another step in saving Santa’s workshop.  

Will this be enough to fix this ticket let alone save Santa’s workshop?  Find out tomorrow.  




3 thoughts on “The TopTen OSHA Violations Before Christmas. On the Second Day

  1. So true, and thank you so much, Phil, for the wonderful article! 😊🙌👍🙏✨ I also thought the saw looked suspiciously dangerous lol! (The size of it being exposed, compared to the poor little elves! 😂)

    As always, thank you for your special shout outs that always create magical moments for everyone, making 2021 better! And it’s always wonderful hearing from you too, thanks! Speaking of which, Merry Christmas, Phil! Hope this special holiday season bring you and your family more joy, excellent health and many more wonderful things in the days ahead!! 🎅🎄⛄🦌

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