Aunt Ida’s Recipe For Disaster – L.O.T.O. Ground TarTar


TODAYS FEATURED RECIPEL.O.T.O. Ground TarTar – This simple but elegant delicacy makes for a spectacular main course that’ll make any disaster a great success. Using as little or as much of any body part you choose, this is a time saving recipe by reducing the number of steps and you don’t have to turn anything off be it electrical or mechanical.

Prep Time: None    Cook Time: Blink of an eye     Yield: Amputation(s), broken bones, severe blood loss, shock and death.

Ingredients:  Any assortment of body parts of any type can be used including but not limited to; fingers, hands, toes, feet, arms, legs, torso and head.  Add one power source for the equipment, can be either electrical or air, that is NOT turned off.

Directions: While your body is still completely intact, proceed with any repairs, adjustments, maintenance or cleaning on any piece of equipment or machinery.  The more moving parts involved the better the recipe will turn out and inserting as much of your body as possible into the machinery not only improves the recipe but will give you a much higher yield. 

At no time shut down the power source as this may slow proofing of disaster or prevent it altogether.

To ensure power for a disaster will continue, make sure the fuses remain in place and are never disturbed.

Now you can proceed working, as the machine appears to be off and you may assume it is safe. Don’t hesitate to place your fingers and hands as close to moving parts as possible while preparing this dish.

At any point in the process feel free to climb in and get close to your work as nothing can happen since the machine is not being used.


Voila! Success!


When your favorite sitcom on television has that one episode when Dad tries to repair the toaster by jamming a butter knife into it while it’s still plugged into the outlet, you laugh and think how stupid!  He’s going to get shocked.  So why then at work when you have to clear a jam, make adjustments or do repairs you leave your machine plugged in?  What are you saving?  It’s just a jam, don’t bother with the LOTO, it’ll take too long = trip to ER and lost fingers.  Was it still worth it?  Sure you got away with it last time and laughed off that near miss with your coworkers as you counted your fingers in jest.  That new false sense of invincibility makes you think you can beat any machine and you take even more risks since you’re now saving the company time and money with your shortcuts while improving those production numbers until…….the accident.  Now your machine sits idle and there is no production numbers to consider as OSHA investigates and then fines your company for your mistake.

As much as management is responsible to provide you with a safe place to work, you must use common sense as well when it comes to keeping yourself and fellow employees safe.  Use LOTO religiously and properly when working on any machine, it only takes a few minutes to do or you just might as well jam a knife into the toaster while its plugged in.

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Please feel free to use this for your next safety tailgate or toolbox meeting. Warehouseflow offers a full Hazard Analysis Review, just contact us.

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