A Complete Guide To Warehouse Safety-Volume V-Giving Good Tailgates

Safety tailgate or toolbox meetings are a great opportunity to keep safety fresh in the minds of workers. It can be a 5-10 minute discussion with the crew before they begin their workday about a recent accident you read about and related prevention or as simple as reminding them to drive slower due to rain or snow. Either way keep it brief and keep it positive. If you’re not conducting a weekly tailgate, anytime is a great time to start with the basics as this reblog will show you how. Make the holidays safe and fun for everyone.


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I hope this journey down the Green Brick Road of Safety has been as much a pleasure for you as it has been for me and I thank you for allowing me to show you the sights.  We are all most at the end of this trip as there are only two more legs to go.  Along this road we have come to know Hazard Analysis, PPE, HouseKeeping and Emergency Ready.  You would think with all this coverage available to protect your staff how could you possibly do more?  AH, but you can by making sure you give good weekly safety tailgate meetings on a consistant basis.

A safety tailgate is an informal gathering of employees to discuss a safety issue or demonstrate a new feature on a piece of equipment or teach a new technique.  They not only allow flexibility on how you do this but…

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